Funko! Pop Deluxe Exclusive Marvel Luke Cage Luke Graffiti (52711)


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This collectible is a must-have for fans of Luke Cage. An exclusive Luke Cage Funko! POP figure with unique graffiti.If you’re a big fan of Luke Cage, Marvel and Funko! POP, then there’s no excuse why you should not have this incredibly beautiful collectible. The Power Man himself, Harlem’s Protector and the first black superhero is now available in an exclusive Funko! POP Street Art edition.This exclusive Funko! POP figure is created in motif by Luke Cage with a unique graffiti skin. The graffiti is so unique that it’s different on each individual figure. So, you can become the owner of a completely unique Luke Cage Funko! POP character with this exclusive release.Officially licensed Funko! POP characterStreet Art CollectionExclusive Luke Cage Graffiti figure with background9 cm vinyl figure

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